12 Essential Oils To Increase Abundance And prosperity

Essential oils are being used more and more often and you can find it in many households. In this article you will find 12 hand-picked essential oils to increase abundance and prosperity in your life. Essential oils helped me a lot during my life, and I know they will help you as well!

What are essentail oils?

Essential oils are natural oils that evaporate into the air. They are also called volatile oils and are also known as essential oils. The essential oil has a pleasant air that differs per type of oil. Because of the deliciously fragrant substances, the use of essential oils is often experienced as pleasant.

How to use essential oils

Essential oils are used in many different ways and for different reasons.


Fragrances affect our bodies and mind. Just think of what happens to you when you suddenly smell the smell your ex used to wear. Or does stepping into a second-hand shop suddenly remind you of your grandmother and grandfather? Smells are sent through our olfactory organ (the nose) to our brain, to the place (also called the limbic system) where the brain stores memories and emotions. Smelling or breathing in the scent of essential oil can, therefore, have an effect on both our physical, emotional, and mental health.

Essential oils are well absorbed by the skin. Through the skin they enter the bloodstream, where they help to heal internal ailments. They can be used not only physically but also spiritually.

You can use essential oil in different ways, for example by vaporizing it on an oil burner or in a diffuser and breathing in the vapor. You can also spray the oil on the skin, use it as a massage oil, put it in a scented lamp, drip it on your clothes, take a bath in it (dilute in the bathwater).


for example camphor and benzoin.


many food flavorings are made up of essential oils.

Provided properly processed and safely dosed, a number of essential oils are suitable for making food. However, you should not assume that all the essential oils you buy are suitable for food preparation. Essential oils may only be sold for food preparation if a number of legal requirements have been met.

Perfumes and cosmetics

natural aromas such as chamomile, rose, or peppermint.

A perfume for use in cosmetics consists of an average of 70% essential oil.

Popular essential oils that boost prosperity and abundance

Below are 12 popular essential oils that helped me a lot during my life and I still use them often. I hope they will do the same for you!


A picture of Spikenard

Spikenard is a plant with flowers of the Valerian family, originally grows mainly in the subalpine and alpine regions of the Himalayan Mountains. Nardus essential oil is steam distilled from the roots of the plant and has been appreciated for centuries.

Traditionally it has been used to anoint people of high status and also in Ayurvedic health practices in India. Earlier Nardus was used to improve the mood and promote relaxation. Nardus promotes clean, healthy skin.

Today it is widely used in perfumes and relaxing massage oils for its woody, musky scent.


bergamot in the hand

Bergamot essential oil comes from the fruit of the Bergamot tree, Citrus bergamia, which originally comes from the Canary Islands. The fruit is a cross between bitter orange and lemon and resembles a miniature orange.

Bergamot oil is extracted by cold pressing of the outer parts of the skin of the unripe fruit. The color is green-orange but can change to olive as it ages.

Because of the typical smell Bergamot is also popular in the perfume industry. (Eau de Cologne). It is also used in the production of earl grey tea.

Clary sage

Clary sage in the field

Clary Sage is known for its exhilarating and mood-enhancing qualities. It is widely used by women to soothe the monthly discomfort associated with menstrual cycles. In the Middle Ages, Clary Sage was nicknamed ‘clear eyes’ for its positive effects on the eyes.

Clary Sage is also an oil that can be used for epilepsy. It helps Reduces the discomfort associated with the monthly cycle. It helps balance the hormone level. It calms the nervous system, improves mood and is soothing for the skin.


cypress on the ground

Cypress is good support in case of major changes in life. Cypress can give comfort and strength to sad experiences, such as the death of a loved person or the end of a relationship. Cypress also gives courage and perseverance to break new ground.

The oil relaxes the nerves, when mentally or emotionally exhausted the vaporization of Cypress oil can give strength again. The oil is especially suitable for anxious and depressed people.


eucalyptus leaves

Eucalyptus oil is an oil that is extracted from the leaves of the Eucalyptus tree. Although there are more than 600 species of Eucalyptus, less than 20 species are suitable for commercial, large-scale oil production.

The Eucalyptus originates from Australia. Approximately 75% of all trees on that continent are Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus Oil is known for its antibacterial properties. It is also a natural pain reliever and it boosts the immune system.


Frankincence on a table

Frankincense, is a holy oil that is used in the Middle East as an ingredient during holy initiations. It used to be used during sacrificial ceremonies to improve communication with the Creator. Frankincense is a resin from the Frankincense tree. The aroma of this resin “tears” is appreciated for its healing properties.

Used for religious rituals since the time of the ancient Egyptians.


ginger root

Ginger has a very pleasant warm, powerful, and fiery fragrance that gives new life. In the case of weakness and despondency, the oil gives energy and strengthens the immune system.

Ginger also stimulates the appetite, stimulates, gives more energy and calms the intestines. Ginger oil has a strong warming effect and makes the muscles supple again. Ginger oil is therefore ideal for massage of hardened muscles, muscle aches.


Jasmin flowers

jasmine absolute brings warmth and openness as if we were coming home to our original home, the place where we can fully relax and open in our body, heart and mind.jasmine transforms our lower and instinctive emotions and takes them to a higher level.

Jasmine absolute is warming and stimulating and can, therefore, best be used in the following cases for someone who gets cold quickly and lacks energy, not only physically but also mentally.


a couple of oranges

Orange oil gives you joy and vitality, warms, and takes away the fear of the new path. A great oil to clear up prejudices and have a big heart for everyone. Orange oil has a soothing effect on the digestive system and strengthens the mind. Orange oil is used in aromatherapy to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere.


rosemary plants

The smell of essential rosemary oil is said to have a stimulating effect and is used to give new strength. Furthermore, rosemary stimulates concentration. Essential Rosemary oil is also regularly applied to hairy skin. Rosemary oil is said to stimulate hair growth to a small extent and to slow down hair aging.


thyme plants

Thyme oil comes from the herb Thymus vulgaris and is related to the mint. It is used in aromatherapy, in the kitchen, and in oral care products. Thyme oil is one of the strongest antioxidants. Thyme oil dissolves clogging and heals respiratory infections.

Thyme is also beneficial for sore throats and coughs. The common cold brings with it nasty symptoms, which are all dealt with by the oil of this herb.


A photo of Patchouli

For centuries, Patchouli has been used in Asian countries for its supposed ability to fight infection, cool fever, and as an antidote to insect and snake bites. Patchouli oil has an easily recognizable rich musk-sweet scent. It has historically been used to balance emotions and as an excellent mood support.

Patchouli has a fungicidal effect, especially on skin fungi, which is a cell renewer and promotes the healing of wounds. The oil is cell renewing and strengthens the vein wall, which is anti-inflammatory and erotic.

essential-oils with flowers


Nature is a treasure trove of plants, herbs, and flowers, which can contribute to your health and state of mind. Essential oils are a gateway to many health benefits nature offers. The possible combinations are truly endless and of course everyone has their own preference for a certain scent, atmosphere, or intention.


Thank you for reading one of my articles! Want to read more? Here’s an article about 5 Sure signs that you are a clairvoyant.

Spread the light and good luck!

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