3 Powerful Ways to Manifest Amidst Tough Times

During tough times like these, it’s hard to stay positive and still manifest in a positive way. That’s why we’re sharing 3 powerful ways to manifest amidst tough times like the Coronavirus Crisis.

Everyone goes through a phase in which you are doing well on your own, but not in your immediate surroundings. If your child is seriously ill, your partner is grieving, the atmosphere at work is tense or during the corona-crisis, for example. Even if it is not directly about you, it does affect you.

Keeping your energy high while the atmosphere around you feels rough is easier when there is less old pain and sorrow in you. These are in fact inner obstacles that the negativity from the outside can cling to. Where stories of others make you sad, angry or scared, there are still emotions from the past in you that are activated by this situation.

By lovingly looking at those emotions in yourself and allowing them to pass, you can resolve them. Suppressed emotions form a blockade; released emotions are an opportunity to send love and light to them. In this way your emotions transform into experiences: events from the past that you don’t have to feel pain with anymore. The more you have cleaned yourself emotionally, the smaller the chance that negativity from others will bring your energy down.

Three simple steps can support you to achieve your goals and that of course requires some ‘homework’ from you. Are you ready? What do you need: a personal manifestation book and time to focus. Here are the three powerful ways to manifest amidst tough times;

Have a Clear Intention

The first step is always to focus on your goal and align with the Universe / Spirit / the Essence: you open, so to speak, the ‘creation or manifestation gateway’.

Start by writing down your intention – start with one specific intention – also write down clearly why you want to manifest this specific purpose.

Also check if there are any “negative” thoughts or beliefs associated with it or feel the “energy” around your goal and change it immediately to the positive before you address your request to the Universe. Make it very quiet and peaceful in your mind for a few minutes and don’t be distracted; if you get messages around your goal, write them down as well and visualize a pure white light around you and remember that every intention and message comes only from the best and highest ‘energy’ of the Universe/ Spirit.

Decide Commit Succeed

Visualize Your Desire Everyday

The second step is to think about your intention and feel it with your heart and listen to what the Universe/ Spirit wants for you. Take a few deep breaths, clear your mind (place a blank screen in front of your mind’s eye) and focus your attention on the here and now.

Sit for a few minutes in a connected and relaxed posture and direct your attention to your goal. Hold that thought(s) for a few seconds and then move it to your heart. If your goal is a heart wish, that is, something that will benefit you and others, you will feel relaxed, composed, calm, and peaceful.

Observe all thoughts and feelings or impressions. If you feel any fear or doubt about your purpose, ask the Universe of Spirit to make it clear where your fear or doubt comes from and/or whether it can be taken away from you. You may ask the following question e.g., “Do you want this purpose to play a role in my life or do you have other plans? ‘ .

Maybe you need to change your goal, suspend it for the time being or even change it completely. Believe that the Universe/ Spirit/ Essence is best for you, even if it goes against your goal. Trust that what you receive or do not receive is always the very best for your personal growth.

Use Affirmations

The third step is to keep telling or reminding yourself positive thoughts; affirmations. A good affirmation really has some kind of magical power. But what are affirmations anyway? An affirmation is a positive statement that helps you to steer your feelings and thoughts. You do this by repeating the statement or sentence regularly (preferably a few times a day). This is how you program or control your feelings, as it were. And what you feel, you radiate again. In this way you can positively influence a situation.

Be Patient Good Things are Going to Happen

But that’s not all. Because by repeating the affirmation, you not only influence your consciousness, but also your subconscious. With a statement that suits you and the right instructions, you can even heal pain in yourself. And that in turn has an effect on your self-esteem and confidence in yourself. If that’s not magic…?

Anything is possible, as long as it’s positive. When you have a core value in mind for yourself, you make it an affirmation sentence. Formulate it in such a way that it convinces you and gives you strength. For example, do you want to work with the core value of creativity? Then the sentence becomes, for example: I’m open to the new ideas that come to me.

Write the affirmation phrase on a note and hang it where you come at least once a day: on the inside of your wardrobe, on the keyboard of your computer, on the bathroom mirror, in your wallet. When you write down your affirmation in the morning after getting up, you give yourself a good start of the day.

Say the sentence out loud or in your mind, but with conviction. It’s the tone that makes the music. In other words: when you let the sentence enter your feelings, it has more effect. So say it with enthusiasm and feel it in your body, as if you already have it.

think positive

Positive thinking is also avoiding negative thoughts that are not yours. By watching the news less often, for example. Or by dealing more selectively with social media, television, films and books. Ask yourself if the stories (real and fictional) you read and hear fill your thoughts with love and hope, or with fear and anger. Choose the first. You don’t have to lose sight of reality, but you also don’t have to bring in pessimism that doesn’t belong to you. Hope brings life.

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