5 Crystals To Amplify Your Self-Care Rituals

You can amplify your self-care routine by harnessing the powers of crystals. In this article I will present you with five crystals that will amplify your self-care rituals.



Moonstone is a popular stone because of its eye-catching qualities, the moonstone is known as a stone for new beginnings. It is a stone that can promote inner growth, peace, calm and patience. Moonstone has a strong connection with the moon and feminine energy. The stone promotes intuition and fertility and has a calming effect on emotional life.

Moonstone strengthens paranormal abilities such as mediumistic gifts and clairvoyance. The stone also has a strong effect on sleep and dreams and helps with insomnia and helps to remember dreams better. It is a good stone for women who are pregnant or want to become pregnant and supports pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

Moonstone can also be useful for (pre) menstrual complaints and complaints after childbirth and during menopause. Physically, moonstone detoxifies and activates the pineal gland and ensures balance in the hormonal system. The stone has a positive influence on the digestion and reproductive organs and reduces fluid accumulation.

Lapis Lazuli


If you like the color blue, then you will definitely appreciate the shade of blue of the lapis lazulli. Lapis lazuli is a very spiritual stone. The stone is known to be the truth-seeker in our mental and spiritual self. It promotes spiritual strength, spiritual skills, astral travel, enlightenment, wisdom, and gives inner peace and tranquility.

The stone makes honest, sincere, and helps to find and accept inner truth. It helps you to be yourself and go your own way. The stone promotes creativity, objectivity, and clarity of mind. It has a positive effect on friendly and loving relationships. Lapis lazuli has a strong effect on the throat and throat chakra (5th) and stimulates the expression of your opinion, emotions, and things that bother you.

The energy of Lapis lazuli also stimulates you to be honest about yourself and to look at your own resistance, as well as to express your opinion to others in an open and honest way.
Lapis Lazuli helps you to be open to criticism and to dare to listen to what others have to say. The Lapis can make feelings come out in a powerful way, especially when you feel that something is right or wrong.

In addition, Lapis lazuli stimulates the desire for honest friendships.
When two people wear a Lapis Lazuli at the same time, the process of hiding less from each other and getting to know each other much deeper is even more strongly stimulated
The stone also helps with depression.



The beautiful properties of the amethyst crystal make it one of the most popular crystals today. Amethyst is one of the most famous types of stone. The deep colour purple appeals to the imagination but also its esoteric properties are not wrong. The stone has a purifying and protective effect but the power arsenal goes completely loose at the crown and the 3rd chakra. The stone helps to open for spiritual skills and to increase them for those who have already discovered them. Making contact with higher energy is easy and safe with Amethyst. The powerful purple stone places a light field around its carrier (or a space) that protects, nourishes and heals.

The beautiful purple crystal simultaneously throws open the spiritual channels and protects them. It purifies spiritual energy and improves communication with the upper level. As if a crackling radio station is suddenly clear. As indicated earlier, this crystal enhances spiritual skills and shows that we are spiritual beings with an earthly experience and not the other way around. Spirituality is and essential part of being. It is therefore time to integrate your own spiritual being and be whole again.

Rose quartz


Also known as the stone of love, the rose quartz is one of the most important stones on the planet. Rose quartz is a crystal that stands for love and harmony. It promotes relationships between lovers and friendship, but also towards yourself. Your sensory perception is strengthened and your imagination is stimulated. You will experience more compassion, empathy and empathy. Rose quartz has a calming effect on sorrow and brings openness, helpfulness and romance. Rose quartz can be worn on the body or in clothing.

Rose quartz is used in healing, meditation, massage, and gemstone therapy. Wear it around the heart region and it opens and strengthens the heart. Rose Quartz can be used when sexual problems occur, the stone can then be placed in a relevant place. Rose Quartz can also be used as an elixir, and together with Amethyst and Rock Crystal it forms the golden triangle or “holy trinity” which stands for love, harmony, empathy, inner peace, consciousness, and also has a soothing and purifying effect.

Tiger eye

tiger-eye crystals

Tiger Eye has a protective and grounding effect and brings harmony and balance. It attracts happiness, prosperity, and success. It strengthens (self) confidence, self-insight, courage, perseverance, decisiveness, optimism, and a sense of self-esteem. It makes you creative and productive, helps concentrated work, and stimulates action. Because of this it is a good stone to wear in the study, exams, and practical projects. Tiger Eye is supportive of anxieties, phobias, nightmares, and over-stimulation.

When problems arise, the stone lets its bearer take a step back, to be able to look at the actual situation in peace and quiet. This small distance ensures that an overview is reached so that the problem can be tackled. This warrior stone gives strength, courage, and confidence. Tiger eye helps inner problems including indecisiveness. The gemstone can be helpful for people with personality disorders and depressive tendencies. The most commonly seen golden yellow variant is also a good stone for exams and other important moments. It loosens the warrior in you.


By harnessing the powers of these crystals you will certainly amplify your self-care routine. Thank you as always for reading my article. To read on other crystals that are great for 2020 click here.

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