Here Are Ten Manifestation Essentials You Need To Know

Understanding the law of attraction is essential for manifestation. In this article you will find ten manifestation essentials that you need to know.

I’m sure you remember it when you were a kid. Those little harassments where you yell at each other: what you say, is you! The Law of Attraction(Loa) is based on this sentence. This law is based on the principle ‘like attracts, like principle’. It means that the like attracts the like. Whatever you focus on, that belongs to you. So it is actually also a law of attraction and repulsion.

The Law of Attraction is a universal law based on earthly duality. It comes down to the fact that you can get everything when you are adjusted to it with your thoughts, feelings and intentions.

The Law of Attraction is about attracting what you want to be and what you want to be by directing your thoughts, feelings, and intentions accordingly. Positive thoughts bring positivity into your life. Negative thoughts only bring negative things into your life. Loa is essential for manifestation. Below are ten manifestation essentials that you need to know.

Essential #1 – Focus on the positive

The first of the ten manifestation essentials is to focus on the positive. You get more of what you focus on. If you focus on what is good you’ll manifest more good things. Positive thoughts make you stronger, happier, happier, and more successful. Living with a positive attitude to life is not always easy. Why is that? Most people around you are probably negative or slightly negative. And it’s hard to be different from the people around you. But it pays off. Simply because positivity is spreading. If you keep your back straight, you can teach the people around you to look at the world in a more positive way.

think positive manifestation essentials

Essential #2 – Calm your mind

The second of the ten manifestation essentials is to have a calm mind. A calm mind is like a fertile garden for prosperity. Use brainwave entertainment to bring yourself to a state of balance. Once your mind is quiet, the right things follow naturally. Meditation is a tried and tested way to calm and tame the mind. You don’t have to camp in a cave or crawl under a tree to find inner peace.

“Silence is a source of great power.”

-Lao Tzu-

Essential #3 – Get clear what you want

The third of the ten manifestation essentials is to get clear what you want. The clearer you are in your desires, the easier it is to manifest them. When writing goals or performing your visualization focus on the details. In order to better understand this process, it is essential to first look at your free will. The will you have been given as a human being to choose those things that seem important to you. Free will is a tremendously powerful instrument to manifest.

A woman writing her thoughts on paper

Essential #4 – Involve all your senses when you visualize

The fourth of the manifestation essentials is to involve all your senses when you visualize. Everyone has dreams and goals. Visualizing is a way to get to these dreams and goals faster. And you use the power of your brain. Don’t make visualization just mental movies. Add sound, smell, touch, and taste to the process. When visualizing, try to feel through all senses. During visualization you train your imagination. In your head you create images of your dream or goal. So you make a concrete representation of where you want to go. It is actually the same as fantasizing, but very purposeful. Very consciously.

Essential #5 – Get emotional about it

The fifth of the ten manifestation essentials is to get emotional about it. One of the manifestation essentials is emotion. Emotions are the fuel of the law of attraction. It is so important to be aware of your emotions and thoughts. Both are indispensable to create what is so important to you. The stronger your positive emotions are about what you desire, the easier it will be to manifest it.

emotional woman crying

Essential #6 – Have patience

The sixth of the ten manifestation essentials is to have patience. Patience is one of the most important qualities I had to learn in my life. I was always very ambitious and often wanted to do everything at once until I understood that this attitude is not good for me and also that it doesn’t work. Through my life circumstances and my life lessons I have learned to appreciate patience much more and also to practice. The universe can’t put in front of you what you desire. It doesn’t work like this. Instead, it will place the people, circumstances, and opportunities for you to get what you want. This can take time so its best to have patience.

Essential #7 – Perform emotional hygiene

The seventh of the ten manifestation essentials is to perform emotional hygiene. When you want to live in a state of high vibration and of joy, those around you may have different plans. While you can’t separate yourself from the world, stay away from the people and circumstances that reduce your vibration. Can you avoid negative people? Or shouldn’t you try to deal with them? And how can you avoid negative people when they are already in your life? You don’t have to avoid negative people who are dear to you. But there is a category of people you can miss as a toothache.

good vibes only

Essential #8 – Surround yourself with other law of attraction practitioners

The eighth of the manifestation essentials is to surround yourself with other law of attraction(Loa) practitioners. Most people you meet won’t understand nor believe you. Don’t change them. Instead, just find others who walk on the same path as you do. Your friends should motivate and inspire you. Your cycle should be well rounded and supportive. Keep it tight. Quality over quantity, always.

Essential #9 – Use tools to improve your journey

You have so much technology at your fingertips to make Loa easier. Consider using brainwave entertainment and guided meditation tools. Deprivation tanks are also a great way to achieve higher states.

Essential #10 – Have faith

Loa works if you believe in it. This source of energy was there long before your body and mind were there. The source energy needs the body as an instrument for further growth. Once you experience Loa, you’ll never turn back.



Law Of Attraction assumes source energy that connects everything and everyone. A human being, according to LOA, does not only consist of a body and a mind but above all of the source of energy (some call this the soul, others even God).

LOA is an indispensable instrument for manifestation. I hope this article guided you towards a higher state of mind and that these LOA manifestation essentials will help you with your manifestation process.

You can also use mantras to help you on your manifestation process. You can read here on how to use mantras to manifest quicker.

Good luck!

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