How to Discover your Authentic Voice and Manifest your True Calling

We all have an authentic voice. It is the way we communicate our truth. In your voice, you sound. Whether you like it or not. When you speak or sing you hear in your voice a timbre, timbre, depth, and atmosphere that is unique to you. If you are angry, sad, scared, or happy, the voice changes with you. You can say that you let your voice hear who you are. She cannot lie. At least, not really.

Why it is important to find your authentic voice

What I have experienced in my own process and in guiding people, is that one of the most important aspects of your happiness in life, for abundance in your life and for good health, is daring and being allowed to be yourself, in other words being authentic. Being authentic means that you dare to be yourself in everything and that you dare to show yourself with what is really there.

That you express your feelings, use your authentic voice, and indicate what you need and what your needs are. That when someone crosses your boundaries, you indicate this instead of letting it happen. That you say no, knowing that you might disappoint the other or that someone else might get angry with you. That you unconditionally dare to follow your feelings or intuition, even if you deviate from what is ‘normal’, but that you do what feels right for you.

I have experienced myself that if I do what feels really good for me from my heart, then it is by definition also good for the other person.

Making your true voice sound

Authenticity is about being exactly the way you need to be and use your authentic voice to express yourself. You look for the model to live by and express yourself not outside yourself but listen inside. The frame of reference lies primarily within yourself. From there you can investigate what helps you to get more in your authentic voice. There is no one path that brings you directly and without detours to your own voice. I have always let my own intuition and feelings guide me.

“Living from a place of authenticity is difficult because those who live in distortion see you as a threat to their delusions and some are so attached to those delusions that they will behave in erratic ways to defend their egos projection of injury.” Suzanne Wagner

Just be yourself?

There is a difference between ‘just being yourself’ and being authentic and there is a difference between your voice and your authentic voice. You can react from your learned program, which makes you think you are yourself, but you are not. On social media we see this phenomenon more and more often. People think they are themselves and show the best of themselves, but they are not authentic.

They have identified themselves with a role. I have spoken to many people who thought they were authentic or real. They got up every day, went to work where they thought the job was really what they wanted to do. An active social life, a healthy lifestyle, but after training they found out they were not authentic. In fact, many had never really asked themselves whether this is the life they would like to live. Moreover, being authentic in a society in which a lot is expected of people, is not easy. We prefer to sit in our safe cocoon and live on autopilot.

“As I began to love myself. I found that anguish and emotional suffering are only warning signs that I was living my own truth. Today I know this is authenticity.” Charlie Chaplin

It takes courage to be your authentic self and to find your authentic voice

You need the courage to be authentic and let your authentic voice be free in this society. You need courage and guts, believing in your own dreams, your own truth, your true self, instead of what you have learned or modeled. Feeling with your heart, listening to your heart talents, and no longer letting yourself be ruled by fear or resistance that makes you passive and powerless.

a woman with courage who has found her inner voice

The world is not an unfortunate place unless you are not living authentically. You feel emotional, mentally, physically, and even spiritually bound.

You never know what is possible if you never try. Doing something other than what you normally do requires courage and courage. Believing that you can make a difference, for yourself, your environment, and even society. Everyone can positively influence the world, every person has a gift to offer, including you!

Become yourself by following your intuition

By following your intuition, you also start to feel more and more what is good for yourself, what your needs are, and what you want to create in this life. You also want to take more and more of your own space, show yourself to the world, and tell what you have to say. You get more and more trouble with things that you feel are not right and with people who say one thing and do another. By following your intuition you will find your authentic voice.

let your intuition guide you to your authentic voice

You are going to treat your own body more and more out of love and feeding it with things that are good for your body and giving it what it needs. You are going to work with your body instead of forcing it to do what your head thinks it should do. This will make your body a trusted teacher and guide and teach you to see illnesses and physical symptoms as messages from your body to show you where you are not in sync with your authentic self and you won’t find your authentic voice.


We dare to open our hearts more and more often, which makes us experience fine emotions more intensely because we also dare to feel the less pleasant emotions instead of suppressing them. In short, you become more authentic and therefore enjoy more and more a life that suits you and makes you happy. I hope this article helped you find your authentic voice and manifest your true authentic self. When you are yourself it is easier to know what you want and what your true calling is.


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