Why is it so Hard to Manifest What I Want? 3 Key Elements to Why You’re Not Manifesting What You Want.

If you’ve been trying to manifest for a longer period of time and you’re not getting what you desire, you might be asking yourself; Why is it so hard to manifest what I want? or Why can’t I manifest what I want?

Many people struggle to work from their heart. It sounds so much fun: following your passion. Creating your dream job. Manifesting from your heart. But if it’s so easy, why don’t we all have that dream job a long time ago? It’s a question that has triggered me for years. A question that has led me through hundreds of books. Dozens of events. A question that motivated me to go on a voyage of discovery. Literally to the other side of the world. In the end, I found the answer. In a very surprising place: in my own heart.

You can manifest whatever you want. As quickly and smoothly as possible. Think of more customers, high end customers, more product sales, a different or better relationship, better friends, you name it. How can you do that? Read these tips!

Why is it so Hard to Manifest What I Want? 3 Key Elements to Why You’re Not Manifesting What You Want.

Yet I myself have a love-hate relationship with the word “manifest”. I know it’s hot, manifesting. And I’d be lying if I said I don’t do it myself.

But it sometimes seems too simplistic. Do you want something? Then you have to manifest it. A lot of women these days are busy making a mood board that depicts their dreams. With a new moon, we’re doing a massive new moon manifestation. And yet often we don’t succeed in making those dreams come true. You can then start doubting your manifestation super power.

The funny thing is, you’re manifesting every day, all day long. Consciously or unconsciously, you manifest 24/7. With everything you think, feel and do, you manifest something. In other words: everything you radiate in the now has consequences for the future. Whether that is positive or negative for you, you cannot manifest. That is why I find the word “manifest” as if it were a gift, personally a little crazy.


If you don’t have what you want yet, there’s a belief behind it that counteracts that. Period. The annoying thing is, these beliefs often even live unconsciously. So it is important to thoroughly investigate which beliefs you still have that are holding you back.


Again, money is the simplest example. Now you must think: yes, I really don’t have any blockages on money, you know. Of course I want more money, come on, no problem! And yet: if you don’t have it yet, there’s a conviction underneath. Some common examples:

  • I only get a lot of money by working very hard
  • I can only make a lot of money at the expense of others
  • When I have a lot of money, I change as a person
  • If I have a lot of money, I can’t enjoy the little things anymore

Often there are still some very vague ‘hidden’ beliefs, which you might not have noticed at first glance. The same goes for being sick. Often being sick also gives you something, for example that you don’t have to work for a while, or that you may be cared for, that you may only then think of yourself, maybe it even gives you peace, etc.

Negative beliefs only hinder you, you got them from your parents, environment or society. Make a list of your beliefs around what you want to manifest. Do you feel you can get it done easily or do you think you can only get it if you work hard for it? Do you feel that you are worth what you want to manifest?

When you have more insight into your negative beliefs, you will replace them with new positive beliefs. First on paper, make a new list next to it, and every time you catch yourself with an old belief, say the new one out loud. Pay attention to how you formulate your thoughts. I make more money, have a lot more power and impact than: I hope to make more money. It works through in your psyche and you’re about to take steps towards it, so to speak.

Know what you want

It’s handy if you know what you want! A lot of people know only too well what they don’t want (anymore), but they don’t know exactly what they do want…

Many people look at what is missing in their lives. This makes no sense at all, all the more so because wherever we as humans focus our attention, manifestations will occur. So choose the right thoughts and words and surround yourself with people who cultivate positive thoughts and words. Who pay attention to them and are aware of this process.

We live in a beautiful world in which we are allowed be whoever we want to be. At least eliminate negativity from your surroundings. It’s contagious and can get in the way of manifestation. The unconscious is controlled by thoughts and images. That’s exactly why cultivating and using the right words is an absolute necessity if you choose to manifest who you are. Demonstrating who you are is a life’s task and requires discipline.

So: know what you want, focus on it, visualize it, feel it as if it is actually already present in your life and then see what your next steps are. And take action!

Action! Just do it!

And, of course, very useful: you will actually have to take steps to live out your soul’s desire. Step into the energy, breathe it in and out. Connect with it and do what is necessary. What can you actually do today to make your desire come true?

Just do It

If you want to achieve something, it is important that you take action. Every step is one. With the right mindset and gratitude you create self-confidence. Be yourself, that radiates positivity and spirit. Keep your focus, follow your intuition and stay in your power. Make room for yourself, do nice things and celebrate your successes. What you give, you will receive again. By doing you can spend money, receive money, pass on money and attract money again.

It helps if you become aware of the beliefs that guide your subconscious. You can see that when you look at your life, because it reflects all those beliefs. For example, if you regularly have the thought, “I can’t do it,” then the subconscious mind will cause us to constantly attract situations where that thought is reaffirmed. This is how we manifest. See, in that case you think, ‘I can’t do it’. That’s nonsense of course, you just attracted the same kind of energy with your subconscious beliefs and energy. So in essence you experience what we think on a deeper level and that is what you have come to live for.

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