4 Simple Steps To Do Reiki At Home To Improve Your Immune System

Amidst the pandemic everyone is looking for ways to boost their immune system. In this article I want to make readers aware of the positive effect Reiki has on your immune system. I also included four easy steps for beginners to do Reiki at home to improve your immune system right now!

Introduction to Reiki

What is Reiki you ask? Well, Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki is a simple, natural, and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. Reiki is capable of healing anything because it works at very fundamental levels of reality. Reiki accomplishes this by providing the recipient enough energy to step above (metaphorically) to see all that and have the courage to let go. Reiki practitioners channel energy in a particular pattern to heal and harmonize.

Reiki energy has several basic effects: it brings about deep relaxation, destroys energy blockages, detoxifies the system, strengthens the immune system and provides new vitality in the form of healing universal life energy, and increases the vibrational frequency of the body.

Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-invasive form of hands-on healing. Reiki healers claim to channel ki into “diseased” individuals for “rebalancing. Reiki healers differ from acupuncturists in that they do not try to unblock a person’s KI, but to channel the KI of the universe so that the person heals. Reiki is very popular among New Age spiritualists, who are very fond of “attunements,” “harmonies,” and “balances.

a woman doing reiki

When a person is introduced to Reiki, initiation takes place called “Reiki Attunement.” This brings the person into a relationship with Reiki energy and is usually activated by a trained Reiki master-teacher. During a Reiki Attunement, the person’s dense energy is cleared and released, and etheric and chakras fields are strengthened so the person will be able to receive and transmit high-frequency healing light. The person can become familiar with Reiki healing and Reiki symbols as well.

It is key important to understand that Reiki will enrich your life and give you happiness and health on all levels. Reiki is Universal life force energy, that which sustains life and promotes healing in all living things. But you need to understand that while Reiki is not a religion, it is still important to live and act in a way that promotes harmony with others.

What does Reiki mean?

The word Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy, it (strictly speaking) refers to the energy and not the specific techniques taught by Reiki Masters. However as Reiki is the common name, and a fine name at that, this is the name we will use here. The limits to Reiki seem to be in the recipients’ willingness to cast off old habits and patterns, to accept change, and to accept healing. The other meaning for healing, used in the practice of Reiki as well as other related areas, is the return to greater wholeness.

Over time the healing of the world’s ills will be accomplished and, with Reiki in the hands of everyone, that day will come much more quickly. (Please observe that Reiki should never be used instead of medical treatment, it should be used as a compliment and a way to become and remain healthy.

If you are interested in Keiki It is likely you have been guided on your healing journey, your journey of spiritual purpose to many places and many experiences in the past and now find yourself here at this place as you continue to further explore the possibilities for deep healing and inner discovery. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. Mikao Usui, the founder of the Reiki system of natural healing, recommended that one practice certain simple ethical ideals to promote peace and harmony, which are nearly universal across all cultures.

Reiki reduces stress which helps to boost your immune system

Stress is overwhelmingly affecting people in our society today. Busy with work, home, family, and many other daily tasks – stress piles on without our realizing it. That’s why so many people are turning to the stress-reducing techniques used in Reiki, a spiritual energy used with healing, meditation, and spiritual growth. Stress weakens the immune system, Reiki helps you get rid of stress. It is therefore an excellent practice to boost your immune system.

Four easy steps to do Reiki at home to boost your immune system

4 Easy Steps To Do Self Hypnosis To Boost Your Immune System

Step 1

Lay down and make sure you’re in a comfortable position. Place both hands on both sides of your upper rib cage.

Step 2

Now place your hand across the middle of the chest on the thymus gland, which is below the collarbone, while your left-hand remains on the lower side of your left rib cage. This helps the spleen and it helps with auto-immune diseases.

Step 3

Lay both hands on your lower ribs. This is for the other organs such as your liver, gall bladder, and pancreas. It helps regulate digestion and rejuvenate your energy.

Step 4

Place both hands in the shape of a V over your lower abdomen. This step provides grounding and strength.

For each position, do it for about three to five minutes.


There is a deep connection between the physical body, spiritual being, and the mind. Stress affects all three in a negative way. Using Reiki techniques for stress management is one way a person can give their immune system a boost and lead a more relaxed, peaceful life.

stones in balance

Reiki helps a person to relieve the emotional and physical strain of stress and to restore balance to the body, soul, and mind so you can return to a relaxed, peaceful state of being by clearing energy bodies and unblocking chakras. Give Reiki a go, for sure it is a very interesting way of improving your immune system!

Do you have more questions about Reiki? Here you can read some frequently asked questions regarding Reiki.

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