5 Best Crystals to Use For 2020

Crystals have appealed to human imagination for thousands of years. According to Greek myth, Atlantis used crystals to power machines and used the crystals as personal notebooks. Nowadays, crystals are extremely popular; they appear everywhere, from yoga studios to home furnishing shops.

Why do we all love crystals so much? First of all, because they’re just incredibly beautiful. Touching a crystal feels like a present and this is partly due to their visual power. In addition, the energy flowing through a crystal is a gift in itself. So if you feel that you are a little behind the crystal madness or if you are not yet completely convinced that crystals are actually for you, then this article about the different healing crystals, their meanings and how you can use them is really for you.

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Celestite Crystals

Celestite is a strontium sulfate and is colorless, gray to light blue in color. The celestite crystals are transparent to translucent with a glassy shine.


Celestite is a powerful stone that promotes spiritual development and psychic abilities. It attracts prosperity and happiness and helps to trust your own intuition. Celestite promotes creativity and is very suitable for people who need to speak in public (and other forms of communication). Place Celestite next to your bed to better remember dreams and journeys outside the body.

Celestite is also called an angelic stone because it promotes contact with angels and guides during meditation or dreaming. Physically, Celestite has a calming, muscle-relaxing and pain-relieving effect and is helpful with ailments of the eyes, ears, throat and restless legs syndrome.

Black Obsidian

Obsidian is an enormously powerful stone with quite a few variants. And that’s a good thing. It is precisely those variants that make the stone usable for everyone. The stone itself is very insightful and cleansing. Because of this it stimulates personal development. The truth emerges, the bearer sees the core of problems and / or hidden emotions come to the surface so that the blockages can be removed.

Obsidian often works as a mirror so that the bearer can discover who he or she really is. Of course this is not always pleasant, old traumas can be stirred up and sometimes getting insight into who you really are is a shock. Usually the gemstone is used together or in consultation with a therapist. Fortunately there are also softer variants (apache tears, snowflake obsidian) of the obsidian so that it suits everyone.

Black Obsidian Crystal

Obsidian pulls you to the deepest within you. It is a stone that opens and cleanses the soul. During this process the spirit is grounded in the soul so that growth on all levels is within reach. No stone for wimps because Obsidian brings out all darkness and transforms it. At the same time it is a powerful shield against negative intentions of others.

Ideal stone for shamanic journeys so that the darkness is experienced but will never corrupt the soul. The earth star chakra gets a deep grounding in mother earth and being aware that it is one with all that is. An enormously powerful spiritual stone for advanced people. He will amaze you and magically allow you to experience an enormous growth.

But we’re not there yet in terms of healing effects. The stone reduces fear, breaks through blockages, traumas, limiting patterns of behavior and thinking. At the same time it protects against mental attacks, reduces spiritual or emotional dependence and removes negativity from the environment. In this way the stone is also good to use against radiation. The bearer of obsidian is blessed with clarity of thought and sharpened senses. The mineral is ideal for meditation.

Physically, the stone is analgesic, antispasmodic, stimulates digestion, detoxifies and improves the blood circulation. The stone can also have a warming effect on chronically cold hands and feet. Obsidian was created from rapidly cooled lava and is therefore found in volcanic areas. It is an opaque black, glassy stone sometimes with white, grey or red spots.

Citrine Crystals

Citrine is a stone as powerful as it is rare. The gemstone has powers that are unique in their kind. The stone cleans itself and has direct contact with solar energy. It warms the heart, counteracts depression simply by making its wearer happy every day, gives self-confidence and makes determination. If the stone also attracts prosperity, extrovert and creative and gives energy then one thing is clear. Citrine is a ‘must have’.

Citrine Crystals

The stone attracts happiness, prosperity, success, wealth and abundance and stimulates the wearer to share this with others. Citrine makes creative and promotes self-expression and helps to resolve conflicts within a group. It also protects the aura and cleanses the chakras.

A sunny and warming stone. The yellow mineral promotes self-confidence, self-respect, individuality, extroversion and stimulates self-realization. It gives energy, joie de vivre and courage and helps to overcome depressions, (failure) fears, phobias and self-destructive behavior.

Physically, the stone also provides energy. It stimulates digestion and has a beneficial effect on the stomach, spleen, pancreas (diabetes) and intestines. The sunny stone also helps with infections of the kidneys and bladder, improves blood circulation and helps people with chronic fatigue syndrome. In case of old age diabetes (diabetes mellitus) it is advisable to wear it and drink water regularly where the stone has been in for a period of time, about 24 hours is enough. This stimulates the pancreas. The stone can also be worn preventatively.

Citrine containing aluminum (often a little lighter tinted than the ferrous variant) has a stimulating and regenerating effect on the nerves. Nerves damaged by compression or stretching are healed by the mineral.

Citrine is yellow or orange-brown in color. The stone belongs to the macrocrystalline quartz family. The yellow happiness bringer is often imitated by heating amethyst or smoky quartz. This variant is less potent than naturally occurring. Smokey Citrine is a combination of Citrine and Smoky Quartz and unites the properties of both crystals. Heated Amethyst is sold under all kinds of picturesque trade names, such as bahia and madeira Citrine.

Also names like Bahia Topaz, Madeira Topaz, Spanish Topaz, Uruguay Topaz and Golden Topaz occur. These are forgeries of the gemstone topaz, which is very similar to citrine.

The stone is closely related to rock crystal, amethyst and smoky quartz. Citrine and Amethyst can occur in one stone; the result is called Ametrine, a beautiful stone, certainly worth a mention.

Dark varieties of Citrine are ferruginous, while the very light varieties are Aluminium-containing.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is one of the most beloved crystals. Not for nothing. It is one of the crystals of the great mother with a strong connection to the earth and the universe. She radiates abundance, heals traumas with a gentle hand and teaches the true essence of love. Because of this she is very suitable for processing trauma or to give some extra attention to yourself.

Rose Quartz Ball

As said, the loving stone acts on the heart chakra. Not only of man because there is a strong connection with the heart of mother earth and that of the universe. Not just any crystal, she proves that with her strong functioning. This crystal has the power to convert programming. Are you someone where misfortune and/or negative patterns in life or love manifest themselves?

Rose Quartz penetrates to the cellular level and removes the programs after which she replaces them with abundance and love. The pink helper has a strong effect on the heart chakra and opens the heart to receive love and to give love. The crystal attracts harmonious love and friendly relationships.

The crystals increases self-confidence, self-esteem and also promotes self-love and self-acceptance. Rose Quartz has a mild, gentle effect and has a calming effect in case of grief and trauma and promotes empathy, openness and helpfulness. The crystals makes you receptive to all kinds of beauty and stimulates creativity and fantasy. This makes it ideal for bore-outs or burn-outs, stress and depressive complaints.

Physically, the crystal has a positive effect on the heart, genitals, sexual problems, fertility, chest and lung ailments, confusion and prevents dizziness. Rose Quartz also helps with old age ailments such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Rose Quartz also helps to replace heavy negative energy with loving lighter variants. It heals raw emotions in a calm and understanding way.

Because of the friendly and mild energy Rose Quartz is a very suitable crystal for babies and children. A rough chunk placed under the cradle or bed makes baby or child feel safe and loved at night and dares to trust his or her parents. Ideal for children who are afraid to sleep alone and for crying babies or insecure children, for example. Also children with autistic disorders can benefit a lot from the gem.

The crystals can discolor in bright sunlight and becomes whiter as a lot of energy is drawn from it. Charge her, give love and the crystals will turn pink.

Jasper Crystals

Jasper is one of the few crystals that can also be found almost anywhere. We are talking about the red and most common variant. Because this crystal is a true chameleon; Jasper is there in so many varieties that it is overwhelming. Each species has its own qualities that it adds to the basic qualities that each Jasper species carries. It is often thought that the crystal variations is ordinary. This crystal is actually indispensable for everyone here on earth. It unites so many positive qualities that are indispensable here on earth that it is highly recommended to bring several types of this gemstone into your home.

Jasper Crystal

Jasper is an earthy and protective crystal. The gemstone helps to make sense of feelings. It makes ideas come true here on earth. Dreamy people benefit from the crystal. It puts them with both feet in the earth. The crystal brings protection against negative entities and misfortune situations. The gemstone is a sponge for negative energies and therefore protects against environmental pollution, negativity and radiation. Astral projection becomes easier with this powerful crystal. also because it ensures that at all times can be returned to the body.

The gemstone ensures decisiveness, grounding and a firm stance. Assertiveness, resilience and courage are some of the qualities the crystal gives to its wearer. These are all qualities that have to do with a good grounding in this life. Grounding is important and actually this powerful crystal should not be lacking in anyone. The crystal makes life so much easier. In addition to a clear assertive effect (standing up for yourself) is that the crystal removes the fear of quarrels and discussions. Also for people who need help organizing things, the crystal is a support.

The crystal also stimulates quick thinking and imagination.Also physically a strong healer. The crystal helps to absorb and balance minerals such as iron, zinc, sulfur and manganese. In addition, it helps to repair the connective tissue and is an extremely useful help with problems of the liver, spleen, kidneys, stomach, intestines, bladder, genitals, circulation, digestion and nosebleeds.

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